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Flu Shot Clinic



Yesterday, The Arkansas Health Department held a flu shot clinic at the Craighead County Detention Center. The clinic was open to all adult inmates, and thirty-one took advantage of the opportunity. Another clinic is scheduled for October 2018, the start of the flu season.

It seems the flu season has hit Arkansas especially hard this year, and according to the Arkansas Health Department website, it's widespread. In the latest newsletter released January 12, 2018, there have been 22,000 reported cases of the flu within 73 counties. The highest rates of flu cases are within the counties of Benton, Craighead, Faulkner, Pulaski, Washington, White, Sebastian, Jefferson, Independence, Crawford, Yell, Saline, Franklin, Pope, Greene, Baxter, and Lonoke. There have been 49 flu-related fatalities just since the start of the flu season, and 41 facilities have reported outbreaks of influenza, 32 of those being nursing homes including one here in Jonesboro.

This is why it is so important to get your flu shot. It won’t prevent the flu in everyone, but it usually isn’t as bad. To help prevent the spread of the flu, wash your hands often throughout the day, and always before eating or drinking. If you’re sick, STAY HOME! You’re not being a hero if you spread your illness to everyone else at work. If you’re running a fever, go to the doctor.

For more tips and information regarding the influenza season, visit the Arkansas Department of Health website at