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New Twist to an Old Scam


Scam alert.jpg

We brought it to your attention last year there are phone scammers that have cloned the Craighead County Sheriff's Office phone number and use that to call victims with the intention to defraud them. This scam has been repeated several times since then, using the trust Craighead County Sheriff's Office has worked hard to establish with citizens, with the hopes their authority wouldn't be questioned. Who would question the Sheriff's Office?

This time, they are calling area schools and asking for specific persons, telling the person answering the phone that it is an emergency that they speak to them, thus pulling these teachers from their classrooms. This achieves two goals: one, it establishes their power, and two, it puts the victim off balance. What kind of emergency could the Sheriff's Office have with me?

When the teacher gets on the phone, the "Deputy" says this is regarding a high profile case, and the teacher has to go to someplace of seclusion to finish the conversation. When they have done this, the "Deputy" explains to the teacher they have missed jury duty and they have to pay a fine. The "Deputy" directs the teacher to go to Walgreens to buy pre-paid cards, and gives further instructions on how to pay the fines.

So far, we have had three calls and one person come in who was called, so please expect more calls to the surrounding schools. Keep these tips in mind when you get a call asking for money:

  • The Sheriff's Office will never call you and ask for money over the phone.
  • We would never ask for you to buy prepaid cards.
  • If you are suspicious of the caller, hang up. Call our offices and ask us. We are happy to help.
  • If you miss jury duty, you will be summoned to appear before the judge.

 These vile thieves keep coming up with new ways to try to get you to part with your money. Keep you and your money safe by asking questions and listening to your inner voice.