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Career Days in Craighead County


The Craighead County Sheriff's Office Deputies visited Visual and Performing Arts School and Westside Elementary School this past week for Career Days. There were several other companies and agencies on site, but as always, the kids love the MRAP. The Deputies really enjoy interacting with the kids, especially during these events. The kids are able get up close, hold and touch the equipment the SWAT team uses, and the Deputies explained how each tool was used.

vpa 6.jpgvpa 2.jpg

vpa 3.jpgvpa 4.jpgvpa 5.jpgvpa 1.jpg

Westside Career Day 1.jpgWestside Career Day 2.jpgWestside Career Day 3.JPGWestside Career Day 4.jpgWestside Career Day 5.jpgWestside Career Day.jpg