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Social Security Scam


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Phone Scam

Two weeks in a row we are here informing you of scams that are called into the Sheriff's Office. Robbers today don't need to have a gun or knife in your face to take your money. They are using fear and intimidation over the phone, and the flavor of the week is threatening to take away Social Security checks from the victims, have them put on a Black List, so they can never get another check again.

The area code, 872, is from Chicago, IL. It's a good practice to allow unknown calls to go to voicemail. If a scammer has established that a phone number is active, they will whitelist it, and you will be targeted more often. If someone calls to collect a debt, fees, or fines, they are to identify themselves, the company with whom they work, and the nature of the call. Do not use the number they give you to call them back. Look up the company's number and call them back that way.

A red flag that the debt collection is a scam is if they ask you to get a prepaid card from WalMart, Walgreens, Dollar General, CVS, or any other store that sells prepaid cards. These cards are untraceable currency, and once you have transferred the numbers to the caller, your money is gone forever.

Let's share this information to as many people as we can, to make sure everyone is informed and less likely to fall victim to these robbers. Pulling together as a community is what it takes to make this a better place for us all.



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