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Scam Alert


Police Warrant Scam.jpg

The scammers are hard at it again. They have information about you that makes their call seem more valid. For example, in this last round, one victim of the scam had received a No Seatbelt ticket by a Jonesboro officer, and the scammer knew who the officer was and what the ticket was for. While this is public information, most of us don’t go around looking for those kinds of details about other people. BUT THESE GUYS DO! And that’s why it makes it more believable when they call and say, You have a warrant for your arrest for a Non-Payment of Fine, or Failure to Report for Jury Duty.

Their method has changed a little bit, as well. Now, they instruct the victim to go to Kroger or Dollar General to purchase specific amounts of cash cards, and then the victim is to stay on the phone with the caller to keep processing the information while they drive to the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office. Of course, the victim is to give them the numbers on the back of the cards, you know…to have the receipt ready when they walk in the door. Plausible, right?

So far, the only red flags that have popped up are these:

If a cop calls you and asks for money; it’s not a cop. A real police officer or deputy isn’t going to ask for cash cards.

If you ever have a suspicion about the call you have received is a scam, hang up. Don’t ask questions, just hang up. Call our office at 870-933-4551 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Scammers are smooth talkers by trade and can convince you that the sky is green and the grass is blue.

For more tips for avoiding scams, visit Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s website at