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Sheriff's Office Response to COVID-19


In an effort to maintain normal operations but minimize person to person contact the Craighead County Sheriff's Office will be implementing temporary restrictions as it pertains to access to our office. The only form of payment we are accepting currently towards fines and restitution is a money order by mail. We are asking the public not to come to our office for the purpose of filing a report. If you need to speak with a deputy, or criminal investigator, contact our office and a deputy will take the report over the phone or make the determination that a response to your location is needed. VIN verifications are suspended until further notice. Civil Process will be affected during this period also. Deputies are patrolling as normal and responding to emergency calls. As always in the event of an emergency dial 911. As stated before these restrictions pertain to our office location. The Eastern District Sheriff's Office location will be operating under these same guidelines. The safety of our citizens continue to be our number one priority, we will continue to work diligently throughout this time period to maintain normal working operations.

Listed below is the mailing address you can send a money orders to pay a fine, as well as our office contact numbers.


Mail money orders to the following address for Western district fines

P.O Box 1352, Jonesboro Arkansas 72403


 Western District Sheriff's Office address:

901 Willet Road, Jonesboro Arkansas 72401


Western District Office phone number:



Mail Money orders to the following address for Eastern district fines

P.O Box 537, Lake City Arkansas 72437


Eastern District Sheriff's Office address:

111 Cobean Ave, Lake City Arkansas 72437

Eastern District phone number:






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