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CCSO Talks to the Westside Explorers About Polygraphs


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SRO Deputy Joey Graham and the Westside Explorer's Club invited the Sheriff's Office to speak at their meeting, and this week's topic was polygraph examinations, more commonly known as lie detector tests. Deputy Jason Simpkins set up the instrument for the kids to see, told them how a person's body goes through physiological changes when they tell a lie. Deputy Graham was even connected to the polygraph to demonstrate what it looks like and what each part of the instrument does.

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Fun fact: did you know that one of the men involved in the early days of polygraphy also created Wonder Woman? Might be where her Lasso of Truth came from!

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Wonder Woman is owned by DC Comics

Deputy Simpkins opened the floor to Question and Answer session and there were several great questions from the club members. Simpkins graduated from the National Polygraph Academy in 2014, and has performed approximately 200 polygraph examinations for both criminal and civil cases over the course of three years. He is an executive member of the Arkansas Polygraph Association, as the Treasurer/Secretary for the association.



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