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State Flag at Half Staff


Taken from Governor Asa Hutchinson's website:


"Governor Asa Hutchinson has directed the state flag of Arkansas to be flown at half-staff in tribute to the memory of Staff Sergeant Robert Dale Van Fossen from sunrise May 25, 2017 to sunset on May 27, 2017."

Staff Sergeant Robert Dale Van Fossen graduated Greenbrier High School in 1949, to which he joined the Air Force. He was fluent in Russian, as was on his way to Elmendorf Air Force Base when the plane crashed. He and 51 other passengers perished in the crash, but due to the weather and remote terrain, they were unable to extricate them. The plane was discovered in 2012, and efforts were quickly underway to retrieve the remains. By March 2016, the identities of 31 service men had been positively identified.

You can read the proclamation and more here.


Most people know when the US Flag is lowered, that all other flags are lowered, as well. What about the State flag? Where do county, municipal, and company flags fly in relation to the state flag? According to the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office, when the state flag dips, the flags in question do, too.

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