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Graduation Day for Reserve Class 2017-1820


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Monday night was the ceremony to celebrate the hard work and dedication Reserve Class 2017-1820 put forth in the past weeks. Many of you have been following the progress of these men and women. This class comprised representatives from Bono, Craighead County, Jonesboro Police Department, Jonesboro Fire Marshalls, and Osceola Police Department, making it one of the largest classes in recent history. Craighead County Sheriff's Department and Jonesboro Police Department teamed up to teach the reservists. The class came away with a rich knowledge and unique experience with law enforcement training and tactics. In fact, one class member accepted a full time position with the Jonesboro Police Department at the culmination of her training. We look forward to the great works these men and women will accomplish in the future as members of the Thin Blue Line. Welcome to the family.

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While the graduation ceremony has officially commenced, we still have a few classes left; Monday was the only day that was available for everyone to be able to attend. If Practicals Day is like Christmas, Active Shooter training is like Easter, 4th of July, Last Day of School, and your birthday all wrapped up in one. This is an exhausting, but exciting training day when the class gets to clear buildings, all the while someone is shooting the equivalent of paintballs at them.