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Phone Scam Alert


Scam.jpgWe bring you another scam alert this afternoon. Once again, the criminal element is busy scheming up ways to help you and your cash part ways.

Our newest scam isn't very original, however. The call originates from an "UNKNOWN" caller, and the voice on the other end states they have in front of them a court summons for a civil law suit for the victim. The caller then provides an 866 (toll free) number to call and a court docket number with which to reference when calling. Almost sounds legitimate. Then they ask for the victim to forward them money in some way to take care of the summons.

Several red flags are flying on this one. First, court summons are served in person. Secondly, allow calls from UNKNOWN to go to voicemail. If the caller has legitimate business with you, he or she will leave a message. This will also allow you the opportunity to investigate the nature of the call.

We won't ask you for money over the phone. Ever. If you're being pressured or strong-armed into something over the phone, remember you have the right to hang up.

For more tips on how to avoid becoming a victim in phone, Internet, or other scams, visit the Arkansas Attorney General's Office website. The FBI Fraud Division is a good resource for information, as well.