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2 Police K-9 and 2 officers in gymnasium



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The Craighead County Sherriff's Department utilizes a K-9 Unit to assist in Drug Enforcement and Criminal Apprehension.

The K-9 Unit is called upon to assist in drug searches as well as building searches and tracking/apprehension of violent offenders or escapees. The K-9 Unit is available to assist neighboring law enforcement agencies when requested. The Craighead County Sheriff's Department K-9 program has been very successful and has resulted in numerous drug related arrests and apprehension of criminal suspects. Craighead County has two canine handlers and two canines. The canines are certified in obedience, agility, article search, open searches, box searches, building searches, man tracking, criminal apprehension (with and without gunfire), and handler protection. They are also certified in detection of controlled substances. The teams are trained and obtain certification under United States Police Canine Association standards.